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Price guide

At Dacre House we aim to keep our pricing fair.

We believe we offer a high standard of veterinary care at reasonable cost. We understand that pricing transparency is important to our pet owners and we produce itemised invoices and receipts for the treatments we provide. Many of our standard charges are listed here and estimates are available on request. Prices listed include VAT.

Cat or dog £39.50
Rabbit £23.00
Small mammal or bird £18.25
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Kitten course (including leukaemia) £80.00
Kitten course (without leukaemia) £53.00
Cat booster (including leukaemia) £50.00
Cat booster (leukaemia only) £46.00
Cat booster (without leukaemia) £33.50
Puppy course £74.00
Dog booster £47.00
Dog booster (leptospirosis only) £42.25
Rabbit myxomatosis + RHD1 + RHD2 £54.00
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Cat (male) £52.99
Cat (female) £90.00
Dog (male) £135.50 - 260.00
Dog (female) £214.00 - 347.00
Dog (female - laparoscopic) £459.00 - 586.00
Rabbit (male) £66.00
Rabbit (female) £104.00
Guinea pig (male) £66.00
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Please note that, even with routine procedures, some additional costs may be incurred, for example where there is the need for additional sedation or pain relief. Wherever possible you will be informed of this in advance. Estimated costs of other treatments can be obtained during consultation with the veterinary staff at the clinic. Please feel free to ask about fees in advance if you have any concerns about costs.

The following methods of payment are accepted: cash, personal cheque, credit/debit card (Access, Delta, Maestro, Mastercard, Switch, Solo, Visa). To keep costs down, we ask for payment at the time of treatment.
"This card brings special thanks from me...because I'm as pleased as pleased can bee! Thank you." Thank you so much for being such a kind person and such an avid animal lover.
...wanted to say thank you for your care of our hamsters, reptiles and degus (forgot - rats) over the years.
To all the staff at Dacre House - Thank you so much for taking good care of Ivy for her surgery and after care. She is very grateful and on her way for full recovery.
We cannot express how grateful we are, you saved our little Winston and we will never forget all the love and care he received from all of the team!
Dear Jane and everyone at Dacre, Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion at a very difficult time for us.