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Becky and Heather preparing for surgery
hand washing
We maintain two operating theatres, one for sterile operations and the other for less clean procedures such as dentistry. Both theatres are equipped with a range of modern anaesthetic equipment and a broad selection of surgical instruments to meet the needs of our varied patients.

Our surgical protocols are the same as those used in human operating theatres to ensure all procedures are carried out in a safe, sterile environment.

At Dacre House we carry out neutering, lump removals, wound repairs, abdominal surgery and various orthopaedic procedures including management of fractures, ligament injuries and joint problems.

The second theatre also houses our dental work-station, enabling us to carry out dental scaling, polishing and drilling. This work-station includes a variety of fittings to allow us to provide dental treatment to patients of all sizes - from the biggest dogs to the smallest rodents.
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