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Environmental awareness

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Everyone who works at Dacre House cares about nature and the environment, so we are constantly looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and become as 'green' as possible.

The practice is double-glazed throughout and well-insulated. We aim to maintain all areas of the building at the optimum temperature, depending on usage, i.e. the recovery rooms are warm whilst most storage areas are unheated.

Outside lighting is kept to a minimum, only being used to ensure security and reasonable visibility at night; internal lights are only switched on when rooms are in use. Wherever possible, long-lasting low-energy bulbs are used. Although some equipment has to be used at night because we provide our own emergency veterinary care, most electrical items are turned off outside office hours.

We do not use air-conditioning units and have low-energy extractor fans where necessary. Air pollution is avoided by using active scavenging systems to absorb any waste anaesthetic gases.

Printer cartridges, cardboard, plastic and glass are all recycled, as is any paper we use 'in-house' (though our aim is to be as paperless as we can be). General waste is sorted and kept to a minimum, and all clinical waste is dealt with by a licensed disposal company with green credentials.

We have a water-meter to monitor our usage and have a device in the toilet cistern to reduce the amount of water per flush.

We are always looking for ways to improve our green credentials, so if you have any ideas we would be pleased to hear from you.
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