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In order to provide the best care to our patients, we carry out a large proportion of our diagnostic work in-house. Getting results quickly is not simply about peace-of-mind for our clients: reaching a speedy diagnosis can greatly increase the chances of treatment being successful.

Lab work

microscopeOur haematology and blood chemistry machines provide us with valuable information on such diverse conditions as organ disease, allergies, infections, and some forms of cancer. Often we have answers within 30 minutes of taking the blood sample. We also have special kits for the rapid diagnosis of diseases such as feline leukaemia and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV or 'cat AIDS').

Our microscopy workstation is used to examine urine and faecal samples and also aids in the diagnosis of many skin conditions. Urine analysis can provide us with an indication of kidney disease, bladder infection and conditions such as diabetes.


xrayOur x-ray unit is housed in the second operating theatre. Similar to the machines found in human hospitals, the settings can be adjusted to enable us to x-ray both large and small animals. The films are processed by our automatic processor as soon as they have been taken, so we have diagnostic images very quickly. You will find some of our more interesting images in our gallery.

In addition to x-rays, another important diagnostic tool is our ultrasound scanner. This allows us to examine the internal organs of patients without resorting to surgery, in the same way that pregnant women are scanned to check on their babies' development.

Further tests

ECGWe have an ECG machine to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of heart conditions and equipment for measuring blood pressure, which is important for monitoring elderly cats with kidney or thyroid disease.

More in-depth tests are carried out by specialist laboratories whom we deal with on an almost daily basis and who have a proven track record of producing fast and accurate results.
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